Rigging for maritime digitalization

A webinar with ScanReach and EGGS Design

The maritime industries are going through a digital revolution, experiencing a surge of new technology, innovation opportunities, and new business opportunities. In our webinar – Rigging for maritime digitalization - we, together with ScanReach, discussed how to succeed with digitalization projects in the maritime sector.

The webinar held on November 6th, 2020, was hosted by Espen A. Jørgensen, Head of Ocean Space in EGGS and had the participation of Jacob Grieg Eide, Chief Business Development Officer in ScanReach, as well as Paal Holter, CXO of EGGS Design. Together, they discussed topics such as:

  • What characterizes those who succeed and those who struggle with digitalization.

  • How design craft and thinking can help turn digital ambitions into a commercial and sustainable reality.

  • Tools and tips for rigging an organisation and way of working to reap the benefits of digitalization.

  • Onboard Wireless Connectivity as an enabling technology for full maritime digitalization and its current and future potential.

Watch the full webinar recording here and learn more:

Rigging for digital transformation with design

Having spent over 100 000 hours helping ocean industries creating new products, services, and business transformations, we have seen some pitfalls and made some valuable learnings on digital transformations.

Paal Holter, EGGS' CXO, shared his reflections on the opportunities and challenges we’re facing in the wake of maritime digitalization. This included practical tips and tools for riding the digitalization wave, as well as for using design approaches to better deal with change, complexity, and digital value creation.

ScanReach is enabling the onboard digital revolution

Wireless technology has been a critical enabler for the digital revolution on land. Until now, expensive cabling has been the only viable option onboard ships, where steel has prevented conventional wireless technology from working. With ScanReach's unique onboard wireless connectivity (OWC) technology, the wireless revolution has started at sea. Being able to connect people, assets, cargo, and operational environments wirelessly opens up a vast innovation space.

Jacob Grieg Eide, Chief Business Development Officer in ScanReach, introduced their newly launched onboard IoT solution and showed examples of its potential for maritime digitalization and value creation.

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