New leader to EGGS Oslo

Ellen Lidgren is now the Creative Leader for the Business and Brand designers. And goes full steam ahead.

EGGS continues to grow and aims to double the number of business and brand employees in the coming year. As part of the growth strategy, Swedish-born Ellen Lidgren is promoted to the Creative Leader. Jørgen Solstad continues as Creative Director.

Ellen has worked as a business designer at EGGS since 2019. She has a background from the energy and software industry. «Business designers in EGGS organize and lead major design processes that support the customer's business decisions. They are, in a way the glue that combines the company's business needs with the users' needs,” she shares.

Business designers want to have a direct influence on strategy and business decisions. The goal is to create good transformations and quality products, as well as to find where design can have the greatest positive impact on the business.
Ellen Lidgren explains.

«We see how the value of business and brand benefit each other. We achieve a greater analytical and creative reach. Strategy and creativity need each other for a company to be able to be disruptive,» Lidgren concludes.

«2021 is going to be a good year for us. We experience that business design is becoming a more integrated discipline into the innovation processes with our customers. There are different areas and levels where designers add value to the organization. These areas can be operational, business, human and technology, as well as on a tactical and strategic level, shares Ulla Sommerfelt,» CEO of EGGS.

«We experience that business designers deliver design at a high strategic level that gives our customers real, commercial effect. Ellen Lidgren is the right person to lead and develop our team in this work,» Ulla Sommerfelt concludes.

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