A concept by EGGS for empowering consumers

In September 2016, EGGS organised a Hackathon (design competition over 48 hours) addressing the wicked problems of the world. Eight teams spent 36 hours in the beautiful location of Stokkøya, and one of the concepts that emerged was called MyShelf. We think it’s a great idea which would make the world just a little bit better, but it’s quite demanding in terms of systemic complexity. We share it with you in the hope that it will influence you – perhaps you are in a line of business where you could take a first step towards this?

Ever gone to the supermarket and wondered where the crackers where made? Or which one of the crackers contains palm oil? Would you choose differently if you knew the truth about the products?
Erlend Østbø

Can you commercialize this concept?

MyShelf is a concept aiming to provide consumers with the information they care about, on the shelf. It is based on possibilities provided by the combination of electronic shelving displays and apps on mobile phones. To be a viable idea, MyShelf has value propositions both to consumers, supermarkets, electronic shelving suppliers, and food producers. Check out the screencast for a closer look at MyShelf.

If you can bring this type of concept to life, get in touch with me!
Erlend Østbø