Methods for value-driven innovation

Finding opportunities for generating value

At EGGS, we believe that generating value can be achieved by balancing the needs of businesses, people, and the planet. We’re driven by identifying and capturing opportunities where our clients can generate value. How do we do this? Through design methodology, current and future insights, and enabled by tech. We refer to this as the “Value Diamond” within EGGS.

People are at the centre of everything

People are at the core of what we do. By mapping behaviours, needs and wants, we can understand users, customers and stakeholders involved in every step of a user journey. This way, we ensure that we create products, services and experiences that improve people’s lives in a relevant way.

Innovation for a healthy planet and society

In every project, we look for a sustainability angle – both environmentally and socially. We work systematically to link every challenge to company strategies, linking to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) or the EU Taxonomy. Not only because that is the right thing to do but also because there is great potential for increased profit.

Scalable and profitable business

By exploring the commercial potential of opportunities through a holistic and strategic approach, we can challenge business models, value chains and revenue streams. We prototype concepts, products, and services, ensuring they are scalable and profitable. Not only in revenue but also in immaterial capital, such as reputation and brand value.

Future-proof concepts

The market and society develop faster than ever, and keeping up takes work. The business models, products, and services we create today need to consider the future, or they risk becoming obsolete quickly. We can consider future conditions when innovating by diving into trends and megatrends.

Enabled by technology

Tech is not value in itself but an enabler of value. By identifying the right technology and how to apply it in the proper context, we can use it as an enabler to create the value we’re looking for. In other words – sometimes the technology is available. Still, its potential value is untapped, either because it’s unfamiliar to customers or because companies might need a change in process to tap into the potential value.

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