Meet Martine – new designer in EGGS Bergen

With a passion for empathic user experiences

We’re happy to present the latest addition to our Bergen team - Martine Akselberg Hatlebrekke. She brings a business background, solid hands-on experience from the health sector, and a passion for creating empathic design and user experiences. She comes to EGGS from TietoEVRY, where she has worked with design, innovation, and strategy in the customer experience team.

The big picture - and the small details

With an educational background in economics, marketing and brand management, and many years of experience as a health care worker in the Bergen Municipality, Martine brings something new to the table. By combining strategic innovation skills, business acumen, and hands-on experience from the health industry, Martine stands right in the intersection of design, innovation, business, and the individual user perspective. She has the ability to see the bigger picture, as well as the small details that make all the difference when designing services.

When you interact with a product or a service, and it ‘just works’ – that’s good user experience.
Martine Akselberg Hatlebrekke

Without empathy, there's no good design

For Martine, good design is created with empathy. Without a deep understanding of the people who are going to use, directly or indirectly, what you’ve designed, you won’t succeed in creating a good experience, she says. She also points out that it's essential that you help the user express needs that they may not even be aware of. "You need to ask the right questions. You need to guide them in expressing their experience, their needs, and their expectations.”

Good design makes products and services come alive. It’s about constantly practicing empathy for those whom you're designing for.
Martine Akselberg Hatlebrekke
Martine (right) in a conversation with Helle Moen (left), Regional Director for EGGS Trondheim and Bergen, and Åshild Drønen Herdlevær (middle), Senior Designer in EGGS Bergen.

Digitalization, technology, and sustainability

When asked how she sees organisations' future needs, Martine emphasizes the long-term perspective and how decisions they make today will impact the reality tomorrow. “I believe that technology will be increasingly central, both in the short and long term. And it’s important that both private and public organisations get help to make the right choices when it comes to, for example, digitalization or the opportunities that technology opens up when it comes to sustainable services and products.”

She also points out that we may be moving away from people-centred design towards a more collective, society, and planet-centered design. “We’ll then have to shift focus slightly from individuals and instead zoom out to see the bigger picture when creating services and products. Is this good for our society? Is it beneficial for the ecosystem of people, companies, services, and the environment? I believe we have a lot of work to do in guiding organizations on this journey.”

It inspires me to be able to participate in propelling a business forward, and in the right direction.
Martine Akselberg Hatlebrekke

Would like to see better experiences for elderly

True to her ideas on empathy and design, Martine gives an inspiring answer to what a dream project for her would be. According to herself, she has a weak spot for the elderly population. She would love to help design good experiences for them. "They’re a group in society that is often forgotten or ignored, and they deserve better. From my experience, when we design for the elderly, we often consider basic needs such as food, care, or medication. But what about their social life? How can we design experiences that promote social interaction and empowerment? I would love to participate in a project with this focus."

All in all, Martine’s passion and drive can be summed up in her will to make the world a better place. That could mean anything from creating something that helps one person in a specific situation or designing a solution that is part of a more wide-ranging change in society. "I’m motivated by creating services that make a difference, whether that is for an individual or society as a whole."

Martine in short:

Name: Martine Akselberg Hatlebrekke.

Age: 29.

Title in EGGS: Designer.

Born in: Bergen.

Educational background: Master’s in marketing & brand management/social entrepreneurship from Norwegian School of Economics (NHH).

When she's not busy working she: Spends time with family and friends, goes hiking in the mountains, or spends hours on her new found hobby – indoor climbing.

Drinks: Way more hot chocolate than coffee.

Strongest opinion: That pineapple definitely does NOT belong on pizza.

Sounds interesting?

Martine  Akselberg Hatlebrekke

You should talk to Service Designer
Martine Akselberg Hatlebrekke
+47 930 05 350

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