Meet Mari Gloppen Hunnes – our latest addition to the Bergen team

The problem solver moving west

With a degree in Industrial Design from NTNU, experience with UX and service design, Mari comes straight from Making Waves to join the EGGS Bergen team in January 2021. She’s got a weak spot for Vestland in general and Bergen in particular, and a passion for solving problems – big and small.

Got to know EGGS while in university

Mari first learned about EGGS during her years as a design student at NTNU (Norwegian University of Science and Technology) in Trondheim. She visited the First Friday sessions (networking events), met other designers, and got interested in the company. After having worked as a UX and service designer with Making Waves in Oslo for a number of years, she's now seizing the opportunity to move to Bergen together with EGGS.

EGGS was one of the few design agencies present in Trondheim back then. You always kept the doors open for design students, which was inspiring.

Good design should make people feel smart

When asked how she would define good design, Mari emphasizes the importance of a positive user experience: “I would say that what good design depends on the context. It could be everything from invisible to super engaging. But most importantly, it doesn't stand in your way. There is nothing more annoying than instead of simply working, the interface, service, or product makes you feel dumb.” She then goes on to add that this also implies that the design needs to make it easy to the right thing and that it makes the user feel safe and comfortable using it.

Good design doesn’t stand in your way. There’s nothing more annoying when instead of simply working, it makes you feel dumb.

Motivated by solving problems

Mari is a true problem-solver. Whether big or small, it gives her a kick to be able to identify an issue and figure out a solution that works for whoever needs it to work, whether that is an individual, an organization, or an entire society. “I love problems. If you know what your problem is, you’ve high chances of finding a solution for it.The real trouble is not knowing what the problem is. That makes it difficult to solve it the right way."

Another thing she enjoys about working as a design consultant is that she gets the chance to learn about many different industries and professional areas. “Working with design and innovation allows you to learn new things all the time. I love diving into new problems, markets, and sectors. It's inspiring and motivating to absorb new knowledge."

I love problems. If you know what your problem is, you’ve high chances of finding a solution for it.

Short about Mari

  • Name: Mari Gloppen Hunnes

  • Age: 32

  • Title in EGGS: Senior Designer

  • Born in: Førde, but grew up in Sandnes, Noryay

  • Educational background: Industrial Design, NTNU

  • Hobbies: Anything outdoorsy! Mari loves both the mountains and the sea and spends a lot of time hiking, running, and skiing.

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