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A course for professionals

Design thinking, a creative way to solve problems, is a natural part of EGGS’ DNA. We have used this tool for innovation in more than 350 innovation projects. With our new course, we’ll now share with you how you can apply design thinking in your innovation work. The course is relevant to all sectors, both private and public. Two of our most experienced designers, Lena Sendstad and Nikolaj Bebe will be holding the classes. The course material is in Norwegian and the course will be held in Norwegian.

What Will You Learn?

After the course you will be familiar with the following:

  • Identifying user needs

  • Analysing and choosing data

  • Idea development and brainstorming

  • Prototyping and testing ideas

  • Communicating your project strategically to decision makers

Design thinking is a method of practical and creative problem solving that takes place in an interaction between analysis of different user’s needs and ideas for solutions.
Nikolaj Bebe, EGGS Design

New knowledge you can put into practice

Our course in design thinking is relevant for all of you who want to learn skills that you can put directly into use. We, therefore, offer a class that provides a series of concrete experiences and tools, which you can easily integrate into other forms of working. Moreover, you can bring these innovation tools with you and share them with your organisation. Thus, our focus is also to equip you to contribute to an innovation culture at your work. To ensure experiential learning, we have minimised the theoretical part and put more emphasis on practice and action.

Our goal is to equip you with skills that you can put directly into use. The classes, therefore, consist of a series of experiences and tools for design thinking that you can take into practice with your colleagues.

A course to foster a culture for innovation

The course has been developed over a period of 5 years by Creative Director at EGGS Nikolaj Bebe and draws on learnings and experiences from innovation work within both the private and public sector as well as inspiration from Stanford University's D.School and IDEO. Nikolaj is an IDEO U Fellow and is part of an exclusive network of mentors, who teach and develop IDEO’s international learning platform. Nikolaj has held the course to many organisations through his previous job as the Head of Insights, Design and Education at the City of Copenhagen’s own internal design and innovation unit, the Innovation House. The unit was established to create a culture for innovation across all sectors within the municipality. Through EGGS we are now so happy to offer a Norwegian adaption of the course in Oslo, Norway.

How is the course structured?

The course runs over two full days.

  • Before the class, we’ll be asking you to put some thought into a case you want to work with during the session. We experience better learning when participants apply design thinking to real work situations or challenges. We’ll explain this task in more detail before the course.

  • Over two full days, we’ll then walk you through the course. The sessions consist of a combination of lectures, teamwork and individual work.

  • When you’ve completed the course, we’ll challenge you to apply your new learning at work. We’ll give you specific tasks to get you going.

The learning material

You’ll get both a digital and a printed version of our easy-read - yet detailed - workbook, as well as several work templates, which can support you in the learning process. The goal is to help you integrate design thinking in your organisation’s everyday work. All material is in Norwegian.

Who can sign up?

The course in design thinking is relevant for both private and public organisations. We can adapt it to larger or smaller groups from the same organisation or different businesses and organisations. Each course has a maximum of 16 participants. If groups from various organisations are to attend the same session the Chatham House Rules applies; we encourage openness and sharing. Get in touch with us and tell us about your company’s needs and we’ll tailor a course for you.

We'll hold the classes at EGGS’ offices in central Oslo; Møllergata 4. The next round of courses will be winter 2018-2019.

Why Design Thinking? Because it increases productivity and profit

Research done by the Danish Design Center has proved that organisations that use design in development processes and business development, on average are more productive than other organisations. Moreover, companies that invest in design, on average, have a 20 times return on investment in addition to gaining a competitive advantage.

The research also shows that the way design thinking contributes to creating value in companies is by increasing the employees' ability to execute successful innovation and business development processes. In other words, "design" in this case is not only about physical shapes, aesthetics, products, and services, but about strategy, value offering, transformation and business development.

Learn From Our Experienced Designers

Nikolaj Bebe is Creative Director in EGGS Design Copenhagen. He has an academic background in educational psychology and academic research as well as design and visual communication. He has over the past few years developed, prototyped, tested and redesigned this course in design thinking based on the experiences of hundreds of learners and in cooperation with colleagues. Nikolaj has worked with public and private innovation for over ten years and has, in parallel, taught design thinking.

Lena Sendstad is Creative Leader for service design in EGGS Design Oslo. Lena has an academic background in design, business, and organisational learning, and has led innovation projects for over 15 years. Lena is an experienced facilitator and puts much emphasis on designing meaningful learning experiences in service design, digital experiences, and products. Furthermore, she has contributed to the development of, mentored and taught at, different courses in innovation and process design at Oslo Metropolitan University.

Want to learn more?

Please contact Eline Strøm-Gundersen.

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