IKEA and EGGS - collaborating for Better Coliving

The app SVEN offers tools for communication and organisation

EGGS are working with IKEA to develop the BetterColiving concept – an ecosystem of services and products to support people living together. As part of the project, we have developed the app SVEN, your collective sidekick, which offers playful ways for communicating, organising, and simplifying life in a collective.

By 2030, there will be 1.2 billion more of us on the planet, and 70% of us will be living in cities. One in three will be living in some kind of collective. This reality represents a challenge for us as individuals and also for companies like IKEA, which are looking for better ways to serve customers and adapt to their changing needs.

Helping people improve the social experience of co-living

Together with IKEA Global, using Norway as a pilot market, we are exploring the concept of BetterColiving (https://bettercoliving.no/). In this concept, IKEA identifies and creates services and digital products to help people improve the experience of living with others. The first product, which we are currently testing, is the app SVEN. The app has a unique collection of features designed to help you with communication, tasks, finances, and house rules.

The app offers practical help for organizing and sharing spaces and items and helps to handle the social challenges of living together.

A move from products towards services

It's no secret that the consumer market will have to go through a quite radical change to adapt to pressing environmental emergencies. One essential part of this change is the shift from linear to circular value streams and, along with it, from physical products to digital products and services. A concept like the BetterColiving project is part of this movement and can facilitate and improve the experience of living in a way that has less environmental impact. It also opens up the doors for IKEA to explore further innovation of services and digital products.

The app SVEN is based on extensive user-insight work with people living in collective households and is currently offered in a BETA version – soon to be replaced by a first launch!

Be a part of this project – put SVEN to the test!

Become a beta tester and enjoy SVEN features! The app is still in its testing phase, and we would love you to give us your feedback and help us develop the product further. Download it, test it and contribute with valuable feedback to make it even better!

Sounds interesting?

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