How the sustainability goals means good business

20 minute presentation by Helle Moen, EGGS Design

The sustainability goals are the ultimate starting point for the design of meaningful, sustainable innovations that also mean good business. How can you use your powers to influence a more sustainable business future? Learn from Helle Moen in EGGS how you can go from the talking to the walking with sustainable business innovation.

Helle Moen shared how we can go from the talking to the walking with sustainable business innovation.

Sustainable Innovation

The UN SDG’s are a powerful source for future business innovation and positive change. In EGGS we believe that sustainability is the ultimate starting-point for a meaningful business future.

  • Sustainability is about seeing the opportunities of being people-centric when developing new services.

  • It is about how you can understand and utilize aspects of sustainability and technology to achieve a sound triple bottom line – benefits for society, business and the environment. It is about an entrepreneurial mindset.

  • It is all about embracing change. It is about employing new ways of thinking, to achieving positive socioeconomic and business effects.

Helle Moen held this presentation at Oslo Innovation Week in September 2018, at the event Sustainable Innovation in Mobility and how to master it hosted by EGGS Design.

Oslo Innovation Week - 10,000 innovative minds

Oslo Innovation Week took place in Oslo for the 14th time, gathering 10k of the world’s most innovative minds. Oslo Innovation Week is a dugnad- a collaboration - between leading international and local startups, corporates, and other key industry players truly dedicated to creating viable business solutions to the UN ́s Sustainable Development Goals through entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. Oslo Innovation Week is owned by the City of Oslo and Innovation Norway, and Oslo Business Region is project manager.


About Helle Moen

Helle has 25 years of business experience and is passionate about innovation in business with a special interest in sustainability, internationalisation and investments. She leads EGGS office in Trondheim

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