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Meet our senior maritime designers Kaja Osholm Kjølås and Lise Tinmannsvik

For more than ten years, EGGS’ digital designers Kaja and Lise have been creating future-oriented digital applications for professionals in the maritime industry. Working on a wide range of projects and being driven by challenges, creative problem-solving and human-centred design, they see design as an essential competitive advantage in an industry facing a need for renewal. Here’s what they had to say about their work.

An industry in change

“When I first started designing for the maritime industry, the use of design consultants and design methodology was rare. Today design is a prerequisite to stay competitive. Through co-creation with our clients – combining our expertise with their domain know-how – we together solve complex problems and ensure the results meet both the needs of the client and the users. It’s about thinking one step ahead and contributing to pushing innovation in the right direction,” Kaja shares.

“We’re lucky to collaborate with clients in the maritime industry that dare to think differently, innovate and lead the way in an established industry. It’s thanks to their bold initiatives and implicit trust that we get to be involved in unique opportunities to explore new solutions for the maritime industry.” Lise (left) says.

Creating user-friendly systems

“We see that professional users expect well-designed, user-friendly systems that require design on their premises as oppose to the premises of the systems,” Kaja says.

“Focusing on people’s needs when designing is essential throughout all the work we do. By interviewing and observing users, we gain valuable insight into their workflow, routines and handling of critical situations. As a result, we’re able to understand the challenges they’re up against, and can, therefore, develop solutions that are efficient, safe and enjoyable to use. Ultimately, the goal is always to create maximum value for both users and business,” Lise explains.

Applications for the maritime industry have an extremely high level of complexity regarding the levels of information, technical opportunities and limitations, along with international maritime rules and standards.

Striving for more sustainable solutions

“Striving for future-oriented solutions that ensure more sustainable use of the oceans is one of the key challenges in the maritime industry. In our projects, efforts such as reducing energy consumption, resource use, and improving safety systems are always on the agenda. Clear information and relevant visualizations can both guide the user to make better choices and be crucial when handling critical situations. Still, we also see how the industry is further preparing and adjusting to conserving a greater ecological balance,” Lise observes.

A well-designed interface for displaying and analyzing alarms is crucial to be able to get the full overview of a critical situation, to know which actions to take, and learn how to avoid similar situations in the future.

Mastering maritime complexity

Last but not least, both Kaja and Lise talk excitedly about why they love working with the maritime industry.

“We’ve gained insight into a world of impressive technologies, complex solutions, massive machines and met so many talented people, all of whom have created amazing things,” Kaja enthuses.

“I think you grow as a designer in these types of projects because you learn to master considerable amounts of complexity. For me, nothing beats understanding something that I previously didn’t understand and then finding solutions to problems I didn’t know existed,” Lise concludes.

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