Creating greener, safer and smarter industries

Innovating within complex service ecosystems

To focus our efforts and help us fulfil our purpose of crafting lovable futures, we have summarised the challenges we believe represent our most significant potential positive impacts into three main missions for EGGS. One of them is ‘Greener, safer and smarter industries.' Many businesses within maritime, heavy industries, and B2B have big, complex problems to solve, not least related to sustainability and the green shift. We're convinced that design and creative tech can play a vital role in this.

Big problems also mean impactful solutions

In EGGS, we’re on a mission that involves the more hidden part of society – the heavy industries and B2B operations. Here, for example, we find businesses related to the ocean, offshore and maritime industries that are made up of intricate, global ecosystems, with big, complex problems to solve - not least within sustainability and the green shift. However, big problems to solve also mean a massive impact once those problems are solved. Hence, working with these organisations offers us the chance to contribute to positive change with a global impact.

A growing number of drivers for change

Heavy industries are often a bit slower to change than consumer industries are. However, there are a growing number of key drivers for change also in these industries. Here are a few of the most important ones:

  • Sustainability and the green shift – Sustainability is on the agenda everywhere, including here. Consumers are becoming more aware, which further impacts the value chain and puts pressure on manufacturers, suppliers, and energy producers. Moreover, investors are demanding more effort on the green shift, which puts it higher and higher on the agenda.

  • Digitalisation and connectivity – technology is opening up many new possibilities, especially within digitalisation and connectivity. There are infinite possibilities to make processes and data handling more efficient. By bringing data to the right people and in the correct format, we can generate more value.

  • Autonomy and automation – technology development is also challenging the relationship between humans and technology. With automation, we can design smarter, safer operations and put people to use where they are better needed.

  • New actors and business models and ecosystems - With the market and technology changing fast, new actors and new ecosystems are developing rapidly. Heavy B2B businesses will have to shift to more customer-centric business models where services are the focus instead of products.

  • New regulations – Many industries in our mission two are heavily regulated, such as for example energy, maritime, and agriculture. Although regulations often are slow to change and sometimes depend on other, global or European regulations, they are on the move. As regulations change, so do the industries' needs for change.

  • Customer experience – A shift towards services means that industries that previously were little concerned with customer experience must adapt. They will have to learn how to design good customer experiences and how to become more customer-centric. Design can be of great help to solve this challenge.

When asked what a lovable future means to them, this is what people in EGGS answered.

Over 120 000 hours of experience

As we can see, there are numerous challenges and opportunities to create greener, safer and smarter industries. And in EGGS, we have what it takes to participate in this process. Our secret sauce comprises vast domain experience, with over 120 000 hours of project delivery within the ocean domain. We have the capacity and knowledge to work holistically and solve the complex problems in global, intricate ecosystems. Moreover, we have the opportunity of bringing knowledge from other domains with us into these industries – and vice versa.

Our mission is to find as much space as possible within the ocean, energy, and manufacturing sectors, where we can plant ideas – and solutions - that can grow and contribute to more sustainable industries. This shift will not happen overnight, and our focus is on the long term. Together, we can use design as a tool to influence positively and generate profit - for industries, people, and the planet.

Together, our three missions guide our direction forward.

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