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DIP from DOGA 2019

Your company can get financial funding to explore ideas for early-phase innovation that can open exiting doors to the future. Low risk, explorative and user-centred. The application deadline for DIP from DOGA is May 16, 2019. If you’re ambitious about your future business, you shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to innovate with design thinking.

Seek DIP innovation funding with designers in EGGS?

With DIP (Designdrevet innovasjonsprogram) from DOGA companies from the private sector can apply for funding to include designers in the early idea phase of an innovation process. By including designers early in the innovation process you increase your chances of developing innovative services, applications or products that better match the user's actual needs.

We in EGGS are now seeking ambitious Norwegian companies that are ready to explore new opportunities for innovation. Do you want to explore a new business idea outside your current daily business? Do you need financial support to fulfil this? Well, then we’d like to talk to you about together applying for innovation funding from DIP from DOGA.

The requirements we have to fulfil

To fulfil the requirements for a DIP project DOGA requires that you work in an established Norwegian company with the willingness, some resources and capacity to complete an early-phase innovation process. The project must be rooted in top management. There must also be a willingness to develop and implement relevant and good ideas that should come out of the DIP project. The DIP project must be conducted with designers.

Our timeline

DOGA's hard deadline for applications is May 16, 2019. We would, therefore, like to start the conversation with you as soon as possible. Writing applications take time so we should start this in April.

Are you in Health, Ocean, Banking & Finance and Mobility?

We are especially interested in speaking with companies within the private health sector, ocean space (aquaculture, maritime and marine industries), mobility and smart cities and banking and finance (FinTech).

Health sector Companies offering services and products from sectors such as MedTech, medical aids, lifestyle and preventive care, private healthcare services and digital health. Contact: Sigrun Vik, Head of Health and Lead Designer in EGGS Design

Ocean Space Companies offering services and products from sectors such as aquaculture, maritime sectors, marine sectors, leisure, offshore & subsea, oil and gas Contact: Espen Jørgensen, Head of Ocean in EGGS Design

Mobility and smart cities Companies offering services and products from sectors such as public transport, logistics, transportation, airports, intelligent traffic planning and urban mobility. Contact: Linda Vik, Head of Mobility in EGGS Design

We know how to do a Design-driven Innovation (DIP) project

We have many years of experience with applying for DIP funding and conducting DIP projects following the methods of design-driven innovation. Our interdisciplinary profile spans physical and digital products, brands, services, as well as technology applications and business concepts.

Designing for the future with megatrends and UN’s sustainability goals

We have developed innovation-methods for exploring and including future megatrends into the innovation projects we undertake. The megatrends we use are based on research by Copenhagen Institute for Futures studies. By including megatrends into innovation projects we explore future solutions based on documented and ongoing 13 megatrends in society. One of these is sustainability and the UN’s 13 Sustainability Goals are now systematically addressed in all new innovation projects that we undertake.

Why use designers in the early phase of innovation processes?

Doga shares that companies that have chosen to apply design methods in innovation processes increase the success rates of the innovations. Not only do the companies that use designers perform better financially, they are also more robust for the future. Much of this is attributed to the strong focus of that designers have on identifying and solving actual user needs. However, we see two additional reasons for today’s leading companies within innovation; they work systematically with megatrends and alternative futures, and they anchor their innovations to one or several of the UN's 13 sustainability goals.

Examples of DIP projects we have conducted (in Norwegian)


TOPRO og EGGS Design: rullatoren TOPRO Troja

A-hus mobil - mobile helsetjenester


Maritime Robotics - ubemannede båter for maritime operasjoner

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