Ulla Sommerfelt takes over as interim leader

Susanne Lund stays as Managing Director of EGGS Denmark until April 11, 2019. From then, Ulla Sommerfelt will take over the leadership until we have appointed a new Country Manager.

“I’m looking forward to this opportunity to continue the growth of our business in my home country”, Ulla Sommerfelt shares. “I’ll be based in Copenhagen during this period.

"We have achieved a lot in Denmark with Susanne at the helm of the company," she continues. "The Danish leader team, with the designers Katja Egmose and Nikolaj Bebe, are working on several innovation projects, with start-ups, scale-ups and some of the largest companies in Denmark. The client projects are within mobility, maritime industry, health and education. We recently moved into new and larger offices in Store Kongensgade, and we've strengthened our team to cater to the growing demands for our services."

From colleagues to collaborators

“I am impressed with EGGS Design, with the people, the culture and the level of competencies”, Susanne Lund shares. “For me, this will not be a final goodbye. Ulla and I see great potential in future collaboration within our fields of work.”

“I would have loved to continue working with Susanne. Susanne’s new venture is exciting, and we are really looking forward to collaborating.” Ulla rounds off. “We wish Susanne all the best. This past year has been a superb journey together."

Susanne is leaving to pursue an opportunity as the leading partner of a company within strategic brand creation.