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Get to know each of our offices

No matter where in EGGS you work, you’ll be part of a strong, people-centred culture where we value compassion and a healthy, creative and inclusive work environment highly. But, each of our offices also have their own distinct characteristics and local twists, made up of the people who work there. In this article, you can get a sense of the current local flavour if each of our offices.

EGGS Bergen – Entrepreneurial, fun-loving and expansive

Our newest office, EGGS Bergen, is located in Norway’s beautiful maritime capital and has a focus on ocean and health projects. We’ve gone from a couple of designers to a full-stack innovation team in a short time and are full of energy and inspiration to grow even more. We all have a sense of ownership and enjoy building the local EGGS team and business together. We’re fun-loving and never miss an opportunity to celebrate together.

EGGS Bergen

EGGS Copenhagen – Continental, rebellious and international

Our office in the Danish capital is everything you’d expect from a creative European hub: international, young and social, with rebellious start-up vibes. We’re a fairly small but rapidly growing team who love hanging out, partying, working out, chilling – you name it. In EGGS Copenhagen, we don’t think Denmark; we think the world and love having team members from as many corners of the world as possible to create meaningful impact in our work.

EGGS Copenhagen

EGGS Oslo– Diverse, buzzing and ambitious

If you’re looking for a big team, cross-competence, and a vibrant, buzzing office in a lively city – EGGS Oslo is the place to be. We’re proud to be a diverse and ambitious team that also knows how to have fun together. We love our chef Mona – the heart of the office and queen of the kitchen. Whether it’s exciting and complex projects, parties, ping-pong tables, after-work beers on the roof top terrace or inspiring talks that you’re after – you’ll find them here.


EGGS Stavanger – Resilient, fearless and transforming

Stavegas baby! The energy capital of Norway boasts one heck of a resilient EGGS team and possibly the best office view. (Hello Stavanger fiord!) We’re a tight-knit and fearless group of people from five corners of the world who are eager to grow bigger. In Stavanger, you find endless transformation and innovation potential, intense growth, and a whole bunch of fun bars, restaurants, and social happenings. Oh, and surfing – check those waves out!

EGGS Stavanger

EGGS Trondheim – Down-to-earth, inclusive and high-tech

EGGS Trondheim blends the best of two worlds – the local, down-to-earth, and close-to-nature Trønder vibe and an innovative tech environment. We love beautiful surroundings just as much as our sophisticated lunches made by Italian chef Sebastiano. In Trondheim, you find EGGS’ most unique office (we’re in a church!), filled to the brim with plants, good vibes, and active and friendly people who genuinely care for each other and have fun together, whether it’s in our local Velo biking club, climbing or just hanging out.

EGGS Trondheim

Sounds interesting?

Katja Egmose

You should talk to Director of EGGS Denmark
Katja Egmose
+45 2990 0197

Ellen Lidgren

You should talk to Director of EGGS Oslo
Ellen Lidgren
+47 415 20 326

Karete Kristoffersen

Let's talk to Director of EGGS Bergen and Stavanger
Karete Kristoffersen
+47 976 57 723

Elisabeth Skuterud

Have a chat with our Director of EGGS Trondheim
Elisabeth Skuterud
+47 934 40 534

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