Public innovation to help victims of domestic abuse

Stimulab-funded project to address wicked problem at 3,1 mNOK

EGGS has won the Norwegian public service innovation project 'Measures Regarding Follow-up in the Case of Violence Against Adults in Vulnerable Life Situations'. The project is led by The Norwegian Directorate of Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Bufdir) and aims to find solutions to help public servants offer the most appropriate services to victims of abuse. Sopra Steria will support with competencies within public administration and profit realisation. The innovation initiative is funded with support from the public innovation program Stimulab with 3,1 mNOK and will run from January to September 2023.

«We look forward to working with EGGS on an important project, shares John-Ingvard Kristiansen, Special Advisor in BufdirThe team from EGGS and Sopra Steria will give us important expertise and strengthen our work in helping responsible services in the municipality to find the right approach for adults at risk exposed to domestic abuse. Getting the right help at the right time is important for social trust, increased security and a better quality of life for the victim of abuse.»

Addressing the wicked societal problem of violence

We are very excited to be able to contribute to finding solutions to help victims escape this wicked problem.” shares Anita Steinstad, Lead Service Designer at EGGS Bergen. “People in a vulnerable life situation, who also become victims of abuse, are at the mercy of help from the public service providers to escape an intolerable situation.” Anita Steinstad will be leading the team of service designers from EGGS. EGGS will be applying their qualitative approach, ability to understand the users in complex contexts, and skills in creatively translating this into sound public service innovation.

Anita Steinstad, Lead Service Designer, will be leading the team of service designers from EGGS in the project.

Citizen-centric with service design, public administration and profit realisation

Ola Grønning, Senior Manager and public sector expert and Mikkel Walbækken, Consulting Manager and social economist, both from Sopra Steria, will support the team with competencies within public administration and profit realisation.

Integrating our competencies with EGGS expertise in citizen-centric public service innovation will be a new way of working for us that we firmly believe will heighten the project's success. We are a strong team collaborating on this wicked societal problem. And we are excited to be working with EGGS.” shares Mikkel Walbækken.

Domestic violence is a public health issue

According to Bufdir, violence, abuse, and neglect against adults in vulnerable situations is a severe public health issue. It impacts people negatively in physical, mental, and social ways. Moreover, it has a significant negative impact on society, with far-reaching consequences related to the Norwegian public health and welfare system, unemployment rates and economy.

Ola Grønning shares, “Norwegian authorities have long had an ambition for public service providers to collaborate more closely to ensure a citizen-centric approach. We aim to help victims escape violence by tackling this wicked problem. Socio-economically it will reduce costs for the Norwegian public sector and contribute to achieving established political goals.

Finding a solution to complexity silo-based structures

It is a complex task for public servants to identify the best and most appropriate services to help a person in a vulnerable situation who is a victim of violence. A vulnerable life situation can be suffering from serious illness, high age, addiction, or any form of disability. The Norwegian public system is intricate and has a series of silos to overcome to get an overview of available services and where to direct the person in need best. In addition, the complicated context, with illness, disabilities, or other issues, that often surrounds the victim of violence makes the task even more complex.

Finding a solution to support the public servant can significantly help improve the quality of life for the person suffering from violence.

A collaboration between EGGS, Sopra Steria and public institutions

In this Stimulab project, Bufdir is the client but will collaborate with the following institutions:

  • The Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV)

  • The Norwegian Directorate of Health (Helsedirektoratet)

  • The National Police Directorate (Politidirektoratet)

  • The Regional Resource Centres on Violence, Traumatic Stress and Suicide Prevention (RVTS Vest)

  • Several Norwegian municipalities

The team, Marte Grevsgard (EGGS), Ola Grønning (Sopra Steria), Hanna Øfsti (EGGS), Mikkel Walbækken, Julie Parisi /EGGS) Einar Lukestuen (EGGS). Anita Steinstad (EGGS) and Ingrid Fløgstad (EGGS) weren’t present.

About Stimulab

Stimulab aims to stimulate public innovation from the perspective of the citizens. It offers Digdir (The Directorate of Digitalisation) and DOGA cross-disciplinary support, guidance, and financial funding for innovative development processes on both governmental and municipal levels. The projects should result in new and improved services, processes or systems. The goal is more holistic, better user services, and more efficient public governance.

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