Let's craft lovable futures

Our purpose is our pole star, the energy which fuels our creativity as an innovation consultancy and gets us all up in the morning. It's centred around what matters most - people. Watch our purpose video and read the statement here. (And please do scroll down to the very end for a slightly different version of the video...)

Our purpose - Let's craft lovable futures

Let's craft lovable futures

It starts with an egg. The true symbol of creation. As an egg is life in the making.


We strive to create the world’s best creative nest. Where we can grow, hatch and unleash creative powers. In our nest we’re a diverse flock of firesouls at heart. We trust in each other and believe in self leadership. We feel free to open up, and we dare to share. Remembering that it’s human to fail. Moving up without pushing anyone down. All this gives us the courage to make a change. Because only being comfortable won’t get us anywhere. We are EGGS on the quest for the next.

Future and vision

From our nest there’s a clear vision for the future – a vision to make it sustainable. A future that’s resilient to fast-moving changes. A future that includes people. Beyond borders. Whether it’s breaking barriers to improve human health, or make flourish a company’s flow and growth – It’s about moving the people we work for, in the right direction with us. Starting with human insight and compassion.


We can’t predict the future, but let’s not fear its changes. Let’s make our mark on it, by giving life to ideas. Let’s make the complex simple and let’s crack it.

EGGS - Let’s craft lovable futures

...and we do have a sense of humour

Is our purpose a bit too stuffy for you? No worries, we have another version especially for you (warning: to be interpreted with a good dose of humour):

A slightly different, parody edition of our purpose

Sounds interesting?

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