EGGS joins Nordic Circular Hotspot as partner

Partnerships and collaboration are key in circularity

One of our main aims in EGGS is to contribute to a greener, healthier and more sustainable society through our projects. That’s why we’re excited to have been selected to join the Nordic Circular Hotspot partnership programme. The NCH is an organisation that promotes collaboration between the Nordics towards circularity, and as partners we hope to share knowledge, contribute with our design skills and promote circular thinking in our client projects.

Circular economy is quickly becoming a well-known term and a plausible way towards a greener society where businesses consider the triple bottom line – one that is good for people, the economy and the planet. In short, circularity means going for a linear economy to a circular one where value streams are closed, and materials are reused, recycled and waste is seen as a resource. This entails, for example, moving from buying and selling products towards leasing and renting them as services. In this, design plays a central role.

Our projects are where we can make a difference

As a consultancy we work with a wide range of clients and industries; all at different maturity levels within sustainability and circularity. Many of them have sustainability and circularity on their agenda and have come far, while others are starting to discover the idea. It’s within our client projects that we have a great opportunity to positively influence and work towards a greener society. We hope that our partnership with Nordic Circular Hotspot will both attract likeminded clients, as well as open up for new collaborations where we can exchange expertise.

” Sustainability and planet centricity need to be front and center in design. And not only when it comes to physical design, as in the design of products and consumer goods. We need to also consider sustainability in digital design and services.”
Kate Saunders, Senior Designer, EGGS Design Copenhagen
In circular economy, you've gone from a linear economy to a circular one where value streams are closed, materials are reused, recycled and waste is seen as a resource.

Build and share competence

We believe that collaboration initiatives like the Nordic Circular Hotspot offer an excellent opportunity to both build, and share, competences. As a design consultancy, we can contribute with know-how and experience within design, design thinking and innovation approaches. Design is at the core of circularity and it’s essential that we as designers work towards creating products and services that fit in circular value streams. Design as tool can ensure that circular economy policies and political initiatives will be effective and desirable. Hence, through this partnership, we’re hoping to both share our design knowledge, and learn from others’ approaches and skills.

A shared challenge requires shared solutions

Building a circular economy will not happen overnight. It requires political will, private investment, collaboration and the know-how to solve complex value streams, systemic design challenges and logistics. Just to mention a few things. Mapping complex systems and identifying key areas for sustainable innovation and new value streams are where design thinking and methods really excel.

We are experts at being able to translate these complexities into tangible steps and initiatives with our clients. As designers and facilitators, we can help achieve circularity and contribute on several levels: with physical, circular product design, service design supporting the shift from product to service and behavioural design that nudges people towards circularity. Last, but not least, we can support and facilitate the essential collaboration and co-creation that are needed to make the shift happen.

”Circularisation will require us to invert the innovation process by focusing on partnerships and materials before applying the traditional user-centric approach.”
Jan Walter Parr, Chief, Creative Officer, EGGS Design

Do you think this sounds interesting? Do you have questions or want to find out more about how we work with circularity and the green shift? Please drop us an email or give us a call!

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