EGGS Design establishes office in Bergen

Sustainable design and innovation in maritime and health sectors

EGGS Design has established an office in Bergen, focusing on ocean and health-related innovation. We’re looking forward to being a part of the innovation journey that organizations in Vestland have already begun. With our industry experience, strategic ability, and hands-on execution, we will contribute to increased competitiveness and sustainability. Being the home for leading companies, clusters, and research institutions in the ocean sector, it’s with humility and respect that we claim to have something to bring to the table in Bergen.

100 000 hours and ready for the maritime capital

The ocean is part of our DNA, and with more than 100 000 hours of consulting for the maritime industries, we’re ready to collaborate with companies in the Bergen region. Being the home for leading companies, clusters, and research institutions in the ocean sector, it’s with humility and respect that we claim to have something to bring to the table in Bergen. You can read more about our experience in case stories such as projects for Kongsberg, ABB, Ulstein, Maersk, Cognite, ScanReach, and Framo at the bottom of the page.

Few companies combine design-thinking with design-doing to a level that design enables strategic ambitions to be transformable into concrete, competitive advantages.
Espen A. Jørgensen, Head of Ocean Space

Innovation power to businesses going through change

We know the maritime, aquaculture, and offshore sectors, as well as the challenges they’re facing, well. Complex value chains, operations, digitalization, and regulations demand in-depth know-how from us consultants. Solutions need to be adapted to each business's ambitions and context. Together we can bridge the gap between the company, the market, and technology, elaborate strategies, and ensure execution through hands-on design and innovation. We offer a broad field of expertise – from business and brand design to service design, digital, tech and industrial design.

Expertise within the health and public sectors

The health and public sectors are two other large sectors that we have a strong focus on. We create user-centered services and products for both public and private sectors, ranging from digital and physical services to lifestyle products, med-tech, and medical aids.

To succeed with innovation in the health sector, you need to build bridges. Both between vulnerable people and complex issues, as well as between the public and the private sectors.
Åshild Herdlevær, Senior Service Designer

Building a bridge between complexity and vulnerability

By putting people and technology at the center of health innovation, we ensure relevant and sustainable products and services when transformation and implementation happen quickly. We listen to people; patients, health professionals, researchers, technologists, and bureaucrats. We apply this insight as a basis for a co-creative process. The result is a valuable balance between human needs and interests, interdisciplinary collaboration and new opportunities.

From the merge of Øygarden to SUS to Bufdir services

Over the last ten years, we have seen an increase in service design in public service innovation. Public projects have a clear focus on increasing the service quality for users, together with improving return on investment. We’re eager to contribute to these goals, both in the public and private sectors. You'll find examples of case stories from the health and public sectors scrolling to the bottom of the page.

A long-term commitment to sustainability and profitability

Regardless of which industry we’re working with, our goal is to help businesses incorporate the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) in their products and services. We have a long-term commitment to finding ways of creating sustainable solutions for companies. Our goal is to create a positive triple bottom line that benefits people, businesses, and the planet.

Local knowledge and global competence

Our team in Bergen provides relevant local knowledge, competence, and understanding, and has a complete backup from our offices in Oslo, Trondheim, and Stavanger. This gives us the capacity to deal with big and complex innovation projects.

Sounds interesting?

Espen Aleksander Jørgensen

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Sigrun Vik

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