EGGS creates an Advisory Board for its Bergen office

Ensuring relevance for the market

EGGS Design, which recently established a new office in Bergen, is now in the process of creating an advisory board to support the local operation. We’re putting together a group of highly competent, key industry people from the region to ensure that we stay relevant and contribute to a fruitful network.

A win-win situation

By creating an advisory board, we think that both EGGS, the board members, and the market will benefit from a rich network and opportunities to learn from each other. For us, it’s an invaluable chance to get qualified advice from key representatives from local health and maritime related industries, who can challenge us and ensure that we stay relevant for the market and that our offering provides what businesses need.

By being part of our advisory board, the members will get a chance to be part of this innovation journey, and will have many opportunities to make new and rewarding connections.
Helle Moen, Regional Director Trondheim and Bergen

We want to contribute to the local innovation landscape

As EGGS, we want to learn more about how we can best contribute to the local innovation and development environment. We wish to be an integrated part of this productive, innovative, and forward-thinking region and make sure we contribute in a way that benefits not only us or other companies but everyone in the region. We can see that Bergen boasts a high level of innovation, and it is important to us that we add real value to already existing initiatives, projects, and businesses.

One heavy-weight name and more on to come

We are happy to announce that one of the chairs of the advisory board has already been filled with a highly competent person from the maritime industry, and hope to have the rest in place shortly. We are looking forward to many interesting conversations and exchanges with the network, and we are confident that the advisory board will give us valuable insights into the local market, business needs, and challenges within the health and ocean industries.

Sounds interesting?

Helle Moen

Have a chat with our Director of EGGS Bergen
Helle Moen
+47 977 86 406

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