EGGS continues to expand in Bergen

Hiring ten new designers in 2022

Since EGGS first opened up shop in Bergen, it has proved to be a great match. Now, we’re ready to grow our presence in the ocean capital further, adding ten more designers to the team. The goal is to be able to offer all our design disciplines locally by the end of the year.

Aiming to grow a complete design offering

Our expertise in EGGS includes business design, service design, digital design, brand design, industrial design, and creative tech. There’s great value in being a one-stop shop, both for our clients and our designers. As our team and our projects in Bergen are growing, we want to build a cross-functional local team that can deliver on both complexity and design craftsmanship while providing a diverse and holistic perspective.

Focus on impactful innovation

Our aim in EGGS, and hence also in Bergen, is to help businesses incorporate positive social and environmental impact into their products and services. We have a long-term commitment to creating a positive triple bottom line that benefits people, businesses, and the planet. In Bergen, the ocean capital of Norway, our focus has naturally fallen on the ocean industries. But the health sector, where there are many exciting initiatives happening and many significant challenges to solve through innovation, is an equally important part of our focus.

Ocean and health industries are our specialties

The ocean is part of our DNA, and in EGGS, we have more than 120 000 hours of consulting for the maritime industries and designing for professional users in Kongsberg, Framo, ScanReach, AKVA Group, and Sperre Air Power, to mention a few.

The health and public sectors are two other large sectors that we strongly focus on, with many designers passionate about creating a positive impact. We create user-centered services and products for both public and private sectors, ranging from digital and physical services to lifestyle products, med-tech, and medical aids.

Are you interested in joining our growing team in Bergen? Have a look at our open positions here, or get in touch! We’d love to hear from you.

Sounds interesting?

Espen Aleksander Jørgensen

Have a chat with our Head of Ocean Space
Espen Aleksander Jørgensen
+47 930 02 430

Sigrun Vik

You should talk to Head of Health & Welfare
Sigrun Vik
+47 922 33 887

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