EGGS and Vilje Bionics receive NOK 550 000 in DIP funding

Design-driven Innovation Program to develop aid for people with impaired motor-skills

EGGS and Vilje Bionics will receive DIP (Design-driven Innovation Program)-funding for a health tech project. Together we will explore how we can design aid for people with impaired motor skills to be able to grasp objects and perform everyday tasks.

A version of this text was originally published on Doga's website.

Image credits: Vilje Bionics.

Potential to help 50 million people

Around 50 million people worldwide have impaired motor skills in their arms and hands. Existing aids are often complicated and lack certain functions, especially when it comes to grasping objects. If you cannot grasp things, it becomes very challenging to live an independent life.

Collaboration between EGGS and Vilje Bionics

Together with Vilje Bionics, we will explore how we can design an aid that can help people with impaired motor skills live their everyday lives as independently as possible. By using user insights, we aim to create an ergonomic aid concept that can be adapted to different user needs. And most importantly, we want to design a product that the user can identify with and feel proud of using.

"This is a demanding challenge that requires precision regarding the solution. It's a further development of a product that has been well received. To guarantee further success, design competence will be needed to ensure insight and understanding of the user."
DIP jury

About DIP

Design-driven innovation program (DIP) funds and starts innovation projects in the Norwegian private sector. Through DIP, businesses can apply for funding for the idea phase of innovation projects. The projects need to follow a design-driven process to solve a defined problem. You read more about DIP here.

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