Double award celebration with PIQL and Kolumbus

DOGA Design Award 2019

We are so happy to share that we together with two Kolumbus and PIQL won two DOGA awards at DOGA Award’s ceremony on January 22, 2020 in Oslo. Kolumbus is a public transport service provider in Stavanger, and PIQL is a supplier of safe data storage.

Kolumbus: Awarding service designed culture programs

With the training program KULtur, Kolumbus, public transport service in Rogaland has set out to strengthen its culture via better employee cooperation and training. The goal: to ensure a positive passenger experience. EGGS helped the bus drivers deal with the increased demand for a high-quality service.

This culture building course is a good example of how design methodology can contribute to both material and intangible value creation. We can only congratulate Kolumbus and EGGS on a fantastic job.
From the jury's verdict, DOGA 2019
KULtur is a culture-building boot camp for drivers of public transport in Rogaland. The goal is to strengthen the culture and service-mindset of all drivers through improved employee cooperation and training.

PIQL: Applauded product design of safe data storage

Offering safe, offline data storage PIQL was awarded for product design of their new Piql Reader, the device used for printing data onto film. The design goals were to create a better marked-adapted product - just as safe, but cheaper and with better usability.

We experience piqlReader as a holistic and well-thought-out product that solves the potentially big problem of reliable data storage for many companies in an elegant way. We are not surprised by the great interest in the international market.
From the jury's verdict, DOGA 2019
PIQL’s technology consists of printing data onto film, a storage medium from which data cannot be hacked or deleted, and most importantly data is kept offline to prevent any form of cyberattack. This is an affordable and effective long-term solution for storing valuable data.

About the DOGA Award

The DOGA Award for Design and Architecture is a distinction awarded by DOGA to Norwegian businesses and practitioners who demonstrate the outstanding use of design and architecture. The award aims to showcase and spotlight exemplary projects. The jury focuses primarily on the process and collaboration between the commissioning party and practitioner.

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