Current trends in the wind energy sector

Key takeaways from WindEnergy Hamburg Expo 2022

WindEnergy Hamburg is the biggest global industry event directed at the wind energy sector. This year’s edition boasted no less than 1400 exhibitors from all over the world, where we were present with our client BladeBUG. In this article, EGGS’ Kate Saunders and Camilla Lundström summarize the key takeaways from the expo.

With over 1,400 exhibitors, and a wide variety of types of businesses, the scale of the WindEnergy expo was immense, and it’s impossible to absorb it all. However, some of the primary trend topics that we identified among this vast sea of content were the following:

Robotics, drones, and autonomous operations

Drones and robotic devices for different applications were found everywhere at the expo. Apart from our client BladeBUG, who demonstrated their RIMA robot for the first time at a European trade fair, there were various other drones and robots for inspection, maintenance, and repair. There's a huge demand for solutions that address the increased operational and safety challenges of working in extreme environments as the wind energy sector expands rapidly. The fair also displayed a number of impressive advances in drones related to cargo and transportation, where it’s evident that companies are making strides in increasing the capabilities, power, and range of devices.

EGGS’ Kate Saunders and Camilla Lundström were present at the fair together with our client BladeBUG, who were displaying their maintenance and inspection robot for wind turbines.

Data management, digitalisation, and data contextualisation

From data-driven planning and operations to predictive and smarter repair and maintenance, the topic of data management and contextualisation, and digitalisation was present across the fair. Many solutions or platforms demonstrated the growing demand for better data governance and sensor management, as well as the ability to interpret, forecast, and visualise data into meaningful action. However, a significant part of this discussion was related to the human element: how to introduce new workflows and change behaviour in organisations when using these data-heavy systems and new tools.

As in previous years, the Danish presence was extensive, displaying our expertise and focus on wind energy, which was inspiring.

Security and policy

Apart from the many company presentations focusing on their technology, there were numerous panel debates and other discussions that dealt with broader topics such as geopolitics, security, supply chains, and collaboration. Many companies at the fair were focused on cyber security and the protection of physical assets. Given the events at Nordstream 1 and 2 that occurred during the first few days of the event, we can only imagine that geopolitics and security will be an ever-present topic in the industry moving forward.

(The lack of) gender equality and diversity

Last but not least, we could observe the continuing trend of the energy industry as a predominantly white and male business. A talk from Women Energise Women, a German communication initiative focused on a discussion that is highly relevant. As two female designers, it became evident during our visit that more progress is required regarding gender equality and diversity. Because – let’s face it – to succeed with such a complex and significant task as securing a sustainable future energy supply, we need all of society to be involved. It's not a matter of political correctness but of innovating to future-proof our society.

Summing up

Overall, it was fascinating to see how the wind energy industry handles the green transition. Moreover, it was interesting to see the growing influence of former (and current) oil and gas players, as well as the connection to new forms of energy (hydrogen, power-to-X) and other advances in the wind sector, such as floating offshore wind farms.

We're excited to see how these topics and technological advances will play out in the following years to come. We feel that EGGS is well-placed with our skillset and competencies, especially given our prior experience within the energy and other heavy-industry sectors, to help grow the potential of renewable energy.

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