Camera stabilizer FlowMotion One

DOGA Design Award 2017

Together with FlowMotion, EGGS has been honoured with the DOGA Award for Design and Architecture for the design of the smartphone camera stabilizer One.

A steady eye

Camera stabiliser ONE is the first product to come from Trondheim-based start-up FlowMotion and has been developed in collaboration with EGGS Design under the motto "The End of Shaky Videos". The compact form and multitude of applications have led to ONE being very well received in the market, resulting in a turnover of over NOK 20 million so far.

The jury’s verdict

"When we saw ONE for the first time, one of us exclaimed: "There’s a great market for this among today’s YouTube generation," and that really sums it up. ONE is a well-designed and well-thought-out product for the said generation, which is reflected in the sales figures. The choices made in terms of materials, form, and functionality are evidence of a mature and insightful process and have resulted in a product that induces an immediate "must-have” feeling, both because of its functionality and because of its inherent coolness. We also believe that ONE has international potential since it elegantly and conveniently solves a problem shared by many who use a smartphone to film. In other words: most of us. Wherever we are." (Jury's verdict can be read in Norwegian on

Lars Flesland, CEO in FlowMotion (left), on stage at the Doga award ceremony in November 2017 together with the team from EGGS.

About DOGA Award for Design and Architecture

The award is a distinction awarded by DOGA to Norwegian businesses and designers who demonstrate the outstanding use of design and architecture. The award is leading to its kind in Norway. The award showcases and spotlights exemplary projects of innovative and user-centred solutions. The jury focuses primarily on the process and collaboration between the commissioning party and design practitioner.

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