Bufdir finalist to the Danish Design Award

Danish Design Award 2020

Our client Bufdir, Norwegian Directorate for Children, Youth and Family Affairs (Barne-, ungdoms- og familiedirektoratet) is one of 48 finalists to the Danish Design Award in the category Outstanding Service.

(This is) a new design approach to help people through challenging conversations and avoid unnecessary conflicts. It is an excellent example of how design can make a difference in a less open area, and the courage of a public institution to apply design principles to such an emotional topic.
The jury Danish Design Center
Every year many children have their lives turned upside-down due to their parent’s separating. Together with the Norwegian government, the team in EGGS Design redesigned their mediation service to put the needs of the children first.
The pilot project documents an increase in the number of conversations with the children and that 40% of parents in severe conflicts reach agreement in the process. It is more than a digital tool based on algorithms, as human contact is also facilitated through the service, for example, with a psychologist.
The jury Danish Design Center
The service is split into different paths depending on the level of conflict between the parents. The  mediation paths are  illustrated step by step for each contact point,  and display  digital and mediator tools, along with information for parents and children. Guidelines  have also been  developed, providing general user-orientated policies.

Read more about the Danish Design Award here.

Our friends in the industry, Making Waves, are currently developing one of many of the service components, the digital tool.

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