18,5 mNOK support package from Innovation Norway

ScanReach’s projects are driving digitalization in the maritime industry

EGGS is involved in ScanReach's projects that are developing wireless connectivity through steel for maritime and offshore industries. The projects, which will help make sea operations greener, safer, and more efficient, have received a NOK18,5 million in funding from Innovation Norway.

Last Summer we selected EGGS to help us solve various strategic design challenges leading to world class UX and an optimized customer journey. EGGS has a clear dedication to the Ocean Industries, deep industry insight and the experience needed.
Jacob Grieg Eide, Chief Business Development Officer, ScanReach

A unique technology

The support package to ScanReach is one of the largest awarded by Innovation Norway this year, and the new technology will, according to ScanReach’s CEO John Roger Nesje, be essential for driving digitalization in the maritime industry. They have been developing the unique technology for the past five years.

The unique wireless solution allows for tracking and localisation of crew members in case of an emergency.

Applying this technology will be a key driver for digitalization and optimization of the global maritime industry, while creating enormous opportunities for value creation in the Norwegian maritime industry.
John Roger Nesje, ScanReach CEO

A demonstration of innovative capacity

The contracts were selected for funding thanks to their demonstration of innovative capacity and potential to strengthen competitiveness in Norway. The funding will cover 60% of the total cost of the projects, estimated to 52 million NOK.

As a strategic design and innovation partner, EGGS Design has assisted ScanReach with strategic design and hands-on design and development of their products and services. We have also assisted ScanReach in defining and applying for the funding package for the five innovation projects.

We are pleased for the opportunity to help our project partners meet ever-increasing demands for safety and efficiency in their daily operations. The support from Innovation Norway confirms the validity of our solutions in this effort. We believe 2020 will be a milestone in the digitalization of the maritime industry.
John Roger Nesje, ScanReach CEO

Five pilot projects

The five pilot projects involve enhanced personnel protection for the offshore wind industry, retrofitting ships for real-time monitoring of fuel consumption, a retrofit solution for environmental monitoring of hazardous areas and rooms onboard vessels, wireless sensor solutions for automatic Man Over Board (MOB) and fall detection, and enhanced personnel protection for the oil and gas industry.

The projects start in 2020 and will run until 2022.

The projects include wireless sensor solutions for automatic Man Over Board (MOB) and fall detection, and enhanced personnel protection for the oil and gas industry.

”We can see that this technology is an opportunity for Norway to create a world-leading position in digitalization in the maritime sector, and in quickly growing markets such as offshore wind power. The projects have a positive impact on both the environment and society as a whole,"confirms Nina Broch Mathisen, regional Director in Innovation Norway Vestland.

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