Why design for startups?

Great change makers are likely to have an entrepreneurial mindset. The best cradle to nurture these ambitions is the startup format. Whether it is a corporate startup or a real startup, we need to keep our eyes on the target; to find a viable business model. With more than 100 startup projects under our belt, EGGS knows the difference between talking the startup talk and walking the startup walk.

We use design thinking and business design to help successful business innovation for both real startup companies as well as corporate startups for established companies.
A start-up is a temporary organisation designed to search for a repeatable and scalable business model
Steve Blank

The golden age of startups

Innovation has become a world-wide rat-race, where your ability to adapt or transform has climbed to the top of the business agenda. The startup model is a trend in itself, but we also see some other developments that are typically pitching in to the carousel:

  • list-iconHigher pace of change and adoption
  • list-iconNew, global competition and piranha economy
  • list-iconChanging value chains and market expectations
  • list-iconTraditional business models become obsolete
  • list-iconDigital transformation, and other technical breakthroughs

Partner up with EGGS

Your time is precious; don’t waste it on unnecessary overhead. EGGS usually takes a facilitating role, working holistically to align the team and tying together the necessary competences. Co-location and co-creation is often a good platform for the creative process, where concept development, experimenting, testing and rapid decision making must be part of the loop.

Ultimately, EGGS can help you grow out of your startup shoes, and take a new form as an established company - with your startup mentality intact!