We create strong brand experiences in spaces, products and digital services to the consumer market covering segments such as products & services, packaging, retail experiences, electronics and eCommerce.

Designing the future of retail and consumer products

Commercial players have to adapt to new ways of organizing and developing, where time to market is crucial. Products and marketing must be based on the consumers’ fluid preferences, where unique integrated design language equals positioning and brand experience. To succeed, some trends are particularly important to embrace:

  • list-iconSocial media marketing and democratization
  • list-iconTechnological advances, such as IOT, AI and Automation
  • list-iconNew preference trends, such as focus on health and sustainability
  • list-iconIndividual tailoring, mass-customization
  • list-iconCross-touchpoint branding

Our approach

Even through times of extreme change, human nature is a constant on which we can build targeted experiences and prosperous business. By having people at the center of design for retail and consumer products, we make sure we stay relevant. We gather valuable insights by observing and interviewing the full palette of stakeholders, such as producers, retailers, buyers, consumers or investors. However, we can use design not only to respond to people’s needs, but also utilize our understanding of emotional triggers that will guide behaviors towards the set business objectives. In the final stages of the creative process, it is more important than ever to craft the most attractive brands with stunning and thought-through forms and visuals.