We do service innovation from the perspective of the users for areas of the public sector such as health, transit, infrastructure, education and public enterprises.

Why design thinking to the public sector?

A user-centred approach in applying design thinking are integral to transforming public services to cost-efficient, high-quality and sustainable services. We believe successful public services enable citizens to participate in converting the services from a one-way offering to a two-way interaction where and residents actively engage and collaborate with the service provider. By including users in the design and delivery of services, you'll uncover a vast potential for improved service provision and create a collective sense of purpose. Let us share six principles that we stress when innovating with public institutions.

  • list-iconFocus on user needs - Focus on the tasks you are going to support your residents to ensure real innovation.
  • list-iconCreate simplicity – Ensure that the service and user experience is easy and intuitive despite the complexity of the public sector.
  • list-iconDesign ecosystems - Ensure that your service connects and work seamlessly in the holistic public system.
  • list-iconLearn and adapt – Users expect services to develop and improve. You’ll never finish an innovation process.
  • list-iconRealising benefits – the public sector is funded by taxpayers. Focus on creating efficient services.
  • list-iconChange management – real innovations requires people to work in new ways. To ensure the success of service innovation, you must align the organisation to the new service.

Our experience

By combining user-centred design, incorporating user needs from citizens and employees within the service providers, we facilitate innovation processes ensuring that stakeholders across all public institutions involved together work towards a common goal. We work with the public on several levels;We work on a national level addressing a public challenge and working across multiple public institutions catering for collaboration towards solving the common goal. We also work on a local level, such as a municipality or we work within a specific service provider providing for service transformation.

For us designing for the public sector is all about creating efficient and successful services with the residents at heart.