Design for sustainable, desirable, and safe operations

The maritime industries are made up of complex business ecosystems that are now under rapid development. In recent years, there has been an increasing focus and growth within maritime related to sustainability, digitalisation, automation, as well as safety, and security. To succeed in this new world, you need deep expertise and technical know-how, as well as an innovative mindset and a user-centric approach.

Increasing demands on digitalization, sustainability, and safety

The maritime sector is developing at an unprecedented rate. New regulations, a shift in competitor thinking, and market expectations drive increased demand for greener, safer, smarter, and more efficient solutions. Moreover, new technology, increased connectivity, and new ways of doing business are opening doors to solving many of these problems. Automation and remote operations, as well as green shipping and digitalisation are becoming the new normal. Those with the ability to change and to harness new technology, pairing it with market demands, will be the ones rewarded with competitive, sustainable business and growth.

However, the increasing complexity and rapid changes make it hard to plan, focus, and execute – especially in parallel with the existing business. Most maritime companies are rigged for optimizing existing operations - not exploring and developing future ones. This is where design thinking and hands-on craft can help.

  • Digitalization and connected services

  • Sustainability as an innovation driver

  • High-performance interfaces

  • Automation and remote operations

  • Maritime design thinking and business transformations

  • Data driven design and AI

What can we offer the maritime industry?

With over 125,000 hours of successful design and innovation delivered to clients in the ocean industries, EGGS Design is one of Europe's leading maritime design agencies. We work with well-established companies as well as ambitious scale-ups within shipping, maritime solutions, ports and operations. Combining deep domain expertise with cross-discipline design experience, we bring clarity into complex challenges. We work closely with our clients to accelerate innovation - from strategic ambitions to commercial reality. With hands-on design skills, coupled with technological know-how and business strategic insight we create sustainable, innovative and competitive solutions within maritime digitalization, autonomy and safety.

Our expertise

With a dedicated team of over 120 skilled and motivated professionals, we can help identify, understand, and solve complex industry challenges. Our experience with technical standards, regulations, and value chains means our designs and strategic support can be applied in any maritime context. Engineers, software developers and business developers complement our full stack of design expertise. Moreover, we count on a network of cross-disciplined expertise for both physical, digital, and service products. We use user insights to develop useful, meaningful digital solutions that cater to user needs and solve complex problems.

Take a look at our design stories below or get in touch to learn more about what we can offer. Over 70% of the earth is oceans. It's all of our responsibility to encourage and influence smart, green innovation, and forward-thinking in business.

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