Bridging the gap between complexity and vulnerability

Health is a domain of extreme contrasts and complexity. It’s an industry where public meets private and where technological advances need to be balanced with the need for human connection. This task requires the skills that are at the heart of design in EGGS. By creating sustainable and user-centered products and services that bridge the gap between vulnerability and complexity, we assist both established players and start-ups in the health industry in achieving market fit and success.

Digitalisation, efficiency, and inclusion

The health sector is undergoing a crucial transformation to meet the growing demands and populations. Digitalisation and use of health data can improve efficiency and allow health workers to prioritise correctly. Inclusive and holistic solutions that involve collaboration between public and private health sectors are needed to balance individual and societal needs and to engage patients in their healthcare.

What is healthtech at EGGS? Hear what Sigrun Vik (Head of Health), Gøril Fluge Storrø (Healthtech Lead), Carl André Nørstebø (Creative Director) and Maren Sjåholm Rimehaug (Designer) have to say in this video.

What can we offer the health sectors?

We aim to create a fair and inclusive future by providing quality and user-centered health services. With extensive experience in the sector, we have a deep understanding of the structures and regulations impacting the health sector. Our expertise covers digital and physical healthtech, health services, lifestyle and preventive care, and medical aids. Our solutions range from communication tools for public healthcare services to VR simulation training for healthcare professionals to user-centered tools for induced birth.

Innovating on a regulated market

The healthcare sector is heavily regulated with strict safety standards and multiple stakeholders to consider. At EGGS, we take the responsibility of designing for patients, especially in vulnerable situations, seriously and collaborate with international regulatory experts to ensure compliance and patient safety. Our goal is to use a value-driven innovation process with cross-disciplinary expertise to help clients create solutions that meet actual needs and increase market success.

Sounds interesting?

Sigrun Vik

You should talk to Head of Health & Welfare
Sigrun Vik
+47 922 33 887

Gøril Fluge Storrø

You should talk to Health Tech Lead
Gøril Fluge Storrø
+47 416 19 503

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