Accelerating the green shift with new value creation and sustainable growth

The European energy industries are more relevant than ever. At the same time, they are under pressure to find new ways of working to achieve sustainable operations. With the help of design-driven innovation, we can create opportunities for new growth by effectively using existing data, digitalisation, automation, and regenerative business models. Together, we can accelerate the green shift.

Data, digitalisation, and complexity

The energy sector carries much complexity, with operations often organised in large enterprises. Increased demands for sustainability – both environmental, social, and financial – add to the puzzle. At the same time, new technology, data liberation, and digitalisation open up for innovation, more efficient ways of working, and possibilities for safer, greener, and smarter operations. Some examples of what’s cooking in the energy sector are:

  • Digitalisation & data enabled value creation

  • High performance and safety critical operations

  • Shift towards greener behaviour and venture, and circularity within complex value chains.

  • Drones, automation & remote operations

  • New ways of working to accelerate innovation and transformations in complex businesses

What can we offer the energy sector?

EGGS’ experience and industry know-how, not least from the traditional oil & gas sectors, as well as the maritime industries, means we have a good understanding of technical standards, industry conventions, and designing for professional users. The energy industry intersects with many other industries and sectors, which makes our cross-sector experience valuable. We know how to harness data, transform businesses, and design smart operations – all of which will be necessary for accelerating a profitable green shift.

A unique moment in time

The energy sector is going through a profound shift on many levels, and this calls for an innovative, strategic approach for companies to maintain market share and value. We want to be part of making businesses find new opportunities to use and develop technology, handling complexity, digitalisation, and data. Finding solutions that work for people, businesses, and the environment is essential, and we can contribute to making that a viable reality.

Have a look at our case stories below, or get in touch to learn more about what we can offer!

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