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Design for business transformation and innovation

Old legacy and institutions are challenged by a higher pace of change than ever before. Driven by new technology, but also new regulations, globalisation and a whole new set of competitors. Whether you are fighting to stay relevant for your customers, or surfing on the entrepreneurial wave of these opportunities, a major success factor is to win your customers heart and relation. Having the user in the centre of your product- and service development should therefore be on top of your agenda. There is a name for that; Design-Driven Innovation.


We support digitalization and service innovation within all sectors of the banking & finance industries, insurance, real estate and fintech.

Why Design for Banking & Finance

When people own their own data, and institutions increasingly offer cross-service integration - our opportunity space becomes more complex but also far more fruitful. We believe that tomorrow’s winners within these eco-systems will be the ones that are best at meeting real stakeholder needs - whether it is business to business or consumer services - and match these elegantly with the critical changes and trends. Some examples:

  • Individualisation and DIY banking

  • Data ownership and integrated services

  • Digital transformation, automation and prediction

  • Blockchain and crypto-currencies

  • New competition and partnerships

Our Experience

EGGS has the benefit of combining a fundamental understanding of financial mechanisms with fresh learning from other industries. We also have a lot of experience with pushing new concepts through realization in established structures, which is not a barrier-free process. Let us spin our creative process around your opportunity spaces, and make sure we win that innovation rat-race.

Sounds interesting?

Ellen Lidgren

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