Aquaculture & Fisheries

Innovating for sustainable growth and competitiveness

Aquaculture, fisheries, and other bio marine industries are essential parts of the Norwegian economy, as the country is the world's second-largest exporter of seafood. EGGS has many years of experience in the area, and we can help companies innovate and create new products and services with a particular focus on digitalization, new technology, and sustainability.

Globalisation, tech advances, and sustainable growth

Like other ocean-related industries, the aquaculture & fishery industries are experiencing numerous changes and challenges. Being dependent on the ocean environment, many of them are related to sustainable growth, but also prediction, value chain efficiency, and onboarding of new technology. With growth comes more significant opportunities but also greater risks and a higher degree of complexity. This calls for innovative solutions and harnessing the potential in digitalisation, automation, and new technologies to enable sustainable development for businesses and the planet.

  • Digitalisation and data-enabled innovation

  • Drones, autonomy, and remote operations

  • Greener operations and circular value chains

  • Globalisation and scaling

What can we offer the aquaculture & fishery industries?

We use design methodology to visualise and build viable, feasible, and desirable business strategies, products, and services within aquaculture, fisheries, bio marine, and ocean health. By designing user-centred digital services, tools, workflows, and solutions with connectivity and AI, we can help solve many of the current challenges in the industry. We can create tools and processes and apply technology to solve problems within sustainability, circularity, and value chain efficiency and contribute with support to mergers, scaling, and going global.

We aim to provide our clients with the knowledge, tools, and methodology to think and work innovatively, even after the project is finished.

Our experience

The ocean is part of our DNA, and we clocked over 120 000 hours of design and innovation within ocean industries. Our seafood experience and business know-how mean we have a good understanding of the industry challenges, technical standards, and applicable industry conventions. Moreover, we also have a good understanding of the challenges and roles of the different people in the industry, from top-level strategy to hands-on realisation of new products and services.

Have a look at some of our design stories below, or get in touch to learn more about what we can offer!

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