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User journeys for seamless experiences

Service design is everything people experience when encountering or using a service, from its website, booking app and social media platforms, for example, to the actual service delivery in its physical environment, contact with staff and beyond. The best service designs create a user journey that fulfils people's needs and presents everything to do with that service as one brilliant interconnected whole.

Why service design to innovate?

How many times have you been stuck in a chaotic queuing system somewhere, feeling like you're just being herded from one point to the next, and all the while your kids are throwing a tantrum because they're tired or bored? You probably thought, "Surely, there's a better way of providing a service than this?" In today's competitive market, customers expect meaningful and worthwhile service experiences. Service design is therefore essential for all private and public organisations that want to innovate and improve their service strategies, offerings and user experiences.

How we do service design

EGGS has a significant advantage when it comes to service design, which is we're multidisciplinary. Our designers each cover different facets of design, and all are experts within their field, whether that's business design, digital design, creative technology, etc. This means we can apply whatever design methods necessary to fully realise an outstanding holistic solution that’s specifically tailored for you and your users. A service that gives you a market advantage by encouraging user interest, and which embraces the latest technology and innovation.

Here are five of our service design principles

  • We gain user insight by observing and interviewing people, then prototype and test things to understand their behaviour, needs and circumstances.

  • We work in close collaboration with all key stakeholders in your organisation, using visualisations to present the best user journey.

  • We define the core service offering and delivery of it through multiple touchpoints, backstage activities and any essential organisational changes.

  • We meticulously design the service identity and all points of contact so that users experience unification when they interact with your service.

  • We design specific training programmes and tools for staff and management, helping them deliver a first-class service all round.

EGGS is among the top three most recognised service design specialists in Norway. Since 2005, we’ve worked with both the private and public sector, creating better services for their users.

Sounds interesting?

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