Industrial Design

Crafting pioneering products

Industrial design is about empathy, problem-solving and visualising people's needs to create a superior user experience. A well-crafted product design adds genuine value to people’s lives.

Bringing pioneering products to people

EGGS has designed award-winning products for both the consumer and professional markets. These include packaging for FMCG, radon gas detectors, mobility aids and washroom dispensers, along with high-tech products such as products for the offshore industries, remote operated vehicles and vacuum toilet solutions.

Why product design?

Product design is often part of a holistic journey together with other areas of design. Brand design, business design, digital design and tech, for example, all go hand in hand with product design in the overall shaping of a final product and the effect it has on users.

How we do industrial design

At EGGS, product design is part of our unified design approach. Our experienced product designers, at their core, are a first-class team of industrial designers and mechanical engineers. By methodically understanding your users behaviour patterns, needs and circumstances, as well as identifying your brand, business and technological opportunities, we can help you turn an initial fuzzy idea into final CAD production drawings for manufacturing. Our projects range from assisting the startups to established businesses in ocean industries, banking and finance, consumer goods, the food industry, health and social care, and more.

Here are five of our product design principles

  • We conduct qualitative user insight by interviewing and observing users, then we tailor everything to your specific situation.

  • We have a core skill set that incorporates visual rocketeering, prototyping, engineering and realisation.

  • We engage in product-led processes including project facilitation, future outcomes (Megatrends), conceptualisation and entire product development.

  • We co-create with you, communicating with standups and visualisations to ensure we all share the same overall picture, challenges, user-needs and ideas.

  • We fuse physical products with services for seamless user experience. Creative problem solving, mock-ups and testing allow us to achieve this.

We strive to bring pioneering products into people’s lives. Our designers have extensive knowledge about users, organisation, strategy, objectives and sustainability, and can offer design management, maintenance and ensure a future consistency.

Sounds interesting?

Carl André Nørstebø

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Carl André Nørstebø
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