Creative Technology

Technology-enabled and user-centric innovation

Creative technology involves co-creating with designers to realise digital applications, products and services. Whereas designers are mainly concerned with aesthetics, pixels and usability, creative technologists help bring things to life by leveraging the right technology.

Technology-enabled user-centric innovation

EGGS has applied creative technology to a diverse range of projects throughout both the private and public sector. Our tech expertise has enabled us to successfully implement cutting-edge solutions in ocean industries, consumer goods, banking and finance, and health and social care.

Why creative technology?

Technology is causing the world to evolve at an ever-increasing rate. As technologies mature, new ones emerge and rapidly gain traction. The need for organisations to enable innovation with technology is more apparent than ever. As a result, it’s hard to imagine any product manufacturer or service provider not having technology as an inherent part of what they offer.

How we do technology

At EGGS, we apply creative technology as a part of our unified design approach. By having a holistic overview, we can create genuine value for people. Whether it's together with digital design, product design, or service design, the best projects are those in which we're able to combine our different areas of expertise. That's when one design discipline influences another, and the real magic happens. Essentially, everything is about users and how they experience things. Our entire design methodology, therefore, is always 100% user-focused. Throughout every creative process, we do our utmost to solve the right problem in the right way right from the start.

Here are five of our creative technology principles

  • We conduct qualitative user insight to understand people’s behaviour, needs and circumstances, and then we tailor everything to your specific situation.

  • We proof concepts, where we sketch and then prototype and test things on users as early and as leanly as possible, to prove that an idea will work.

  • We ensure emerging technologies and megatrends are taken into consideration when working in our projects

  • We illuminate possibilities that may otherwise go unnoticed, then advise you on the best options depending on your budget, scalability, and scope.

  • We are not biased towards one particular technology stack. We believe that opportunities are limitless, so we are flexible and aspire to push boundaries.

Summed up we help organisations choose the right technology for optimal user experiences. Our designers have extensive knowledge about strategy, structuring and business objectives, and can offer design management to ensure future consistency.

Sounds interesting?

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