Brand Design

Engaging customer trust through strategy, identity, and brand experience

Branding is the design process that helps a company define its strategic foundation, position in the market, unique identity, and relation to its customers. At EGGS, we leverage our cross-disciplinary expertise to ensure we cover all the aspects that a brand needs: from business strategy, visual identity, branded services, and products to digital and physical implementation.

We design for humans and innovation

Innovation starts with empathy. All B2B and B2C companies strive toward the same goal: delivering customer experiences through innovative products and services relevant to the people and creating sustainable market advantage.

To build relevant brands, we start all processes with insight, understanding the audiences, their needs and aspirations, and their emotional landscapes. At the same time, we help brands design for a lovable future, considering our planet and ensuring that the value we create is sustainable for everybody. We call it human-to-human (H2H) design.

Why brand design?

In an age of fast innovation and social changes, companies of any size and stage need branding to differentiate, communicate and engage with their audiences in the right way to win the market.

  • Branding defines a business internally and externally on a strategic level. It is the foundation for internal decisions, market strategy, product and service innovation, customer engagement, communication, and marketing.

  • Branding means a shared future vision and internal culture for the entire organisation. It defines internal strategic guidelines and goals, directions, and frameworks and strengthens internal engagement, motivation, and sense of belonging.

  • Branding means differentiation and market advantage. Through a unique value proposition, a clear identity, and strategic positioning, branding help businesses differentiate from the competition, gaining awareness and market advantage.

  • Branding builds trust through powerful storytelling and meaningful experiences. It increases business value by engaging with customers on a subliminal, personal and emotional level, creating trust and customer loyalty

How we work with branding

We design with our clients, inspiring each other and sharing knowledge toward a common goal. Our flexible, simple, and effective tools make the design process easy to understand. We believe that co-work and creativity are the driving forces behind value creation.

1. Strategy

We start by defining the strategic foundation of a brand. In this phase, we use insight to understand the target group and the market context. We then develop the business development plan, the value proposition, the brand platform, and how we want the brand to be perceived.

2. Identity

In this phase, we translate strategy into a clear and strong identity for the brand. We design how the brand expresses itself visually and how it speaks to its audience, which storytelling it conveys, and which emotional connection it establishes with its audience.

3. Brand Experience

We then apply strategy and identity to all the physical and digital expressions of the brand - all the touch points that the customers will meet to interact with it. We will ensure that every tiniest detail of the experience will express the brand the right way - may it be a digital product, a service, a physical product, a spatial design, or a film.

Sounds interesting?

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