Brand Design

Creating hooks in people’s minds

Brand Design is the art of expressing core values and personality via concepts, visuals and content to increase the impact and merit of companies, new services and products resulting in a clear brand, service and product identity.

How EGGS crafts durable brands

EGGS has collaborated on projects ranging from award-winning brand design with tech companies to outstanding visual work with leading financial companies. Our experience with startups has enabled us to single out and conceptualise core identities and messages that effectively hook people with dynamic branding throughout fast-paced processes.

When we design products, services, visual identities, and brands, we must be relevant and easily recognizable to our consumers. Based on experience and existing research, brand expert Martin Nordseth has identified five design trends for more relevant branding.

Why brand design?

In an age of constant change and multiple impulses, it's crucial that any new brand, product or service immediately resonates emotionally with users. People's responses and actions are predominantly emotional because our brains can't respond rationally to all the impulses and information they receive. The most influential brands, products and services are the ones which people don't just tolerate, but love and embrace. A thoughtful brand design provides tools that enable companies to emotionally engage with customers and establish a relationship that's strong and long-lasting.

Branding is strategy and craftmanship

At EGGS, brand design is equal parts strategy and craftsmanship. We craft the strategic elements of a brand design on our unified design approach, while the artistry is in content, visuals and graphic design, UI, concepts and communication. Whether it’s ground-up strategic identity work or large-scale service design projects combining brand architecture, tone-of-voice, style guides and interaction, we specialise across the board. We have brought a bold brand design to banking and finance, tech startups, ocean industries, health and public services, and consumer goods.

Here are five of our brand design principles

  • We conduct qualitative user insight to understand people’s viewpoints, needs and circumstances, and then we tailor everything to your specific situation.

  • We visually conceptualise from rational facts to creative design, forging powerful connections to produce outstanding and unique brand visuals.

  • We co-create with you, communicating with standups and visualisations to ensure we all share the same overall picture, challenges, user-needs and ideas.

  • We tie each physical and digital touchpoint together. Touchpoints can bepackaging, wayfinding, point of sale, B2B advertising and brand stories.

  • We have updated know-how on advanced printing, 3D, foils and signage, AV-solutions and related productions, and implement these accordingly.

EGGS helps build brands that get hooked in people's minds. Our designers have extensive knowledge about users, organisation, strategy and objectives, and can offer design management, maintenance and ensure future consistency.

Do you want to shine out like a beacon across a sea of sameness? Let's talk!

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