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Would you like to get hands-on experience working with our clients?

Professionals and students have everything to learn from each other. In the creative industry, we crave new impulses, young enthusiasm, idealism, and drive. We are looking for students who want to develop further, working in teamwork with experienced designers and developers and who would like to get hands-on experience working on design and innovation projects with our clients.

Realizing we have a lot to learn, this time, we are welcoming students from all kinds of backgrounds to apply; to our office in Oslo and Trondheim.

EGGSemester - an internship at EGGS

Our internships follow the school year where you can work in EGGS for one semester, either the fall semester or the spring semester. We have bi-annual application deadlines: November 10th 2021 for the spring 2022 semester internships and March 15th 2022 for the fall semester internships 2022.

Are you the one we are looking for?

  • You are still a student and are able to work full time for one semester

  • You are passionate about what you do and how it can relate to the design industry

  • You like working with others and are curious about design

  • You have completed your bachelor’s degree (or three years of an integrated master’s)

  • Students writing a masters within one of EGGS areas of expertise will be prioritized

  • You have a strong academic record

At EGGS Design, interns are

  • Considered equal employees and working alongside our designers and developers on clients’ projects

  • Included in all social and development activities

  • Introduced to EGGS through a dedicated onboarding program

As an intern, you will

  • Work full-time during a whole semester

  • Have work hours as an ordinary employee of EGGS

  • Get a competitive salary

How to apply

  • CV

  • Academic record

  • Letter of motivation

  • Examples of previous work

NB: we do not have a vacant intern position in the fall of 2021, but we are excited to hear from you regarding internship 2022.

The process

We will review the applications shortly after the deadline. Our recruitment team will then be in touch after going through all the applications. Applicants who are the best match for EGGS will be invited to an interview to present their portfolios and motivation. As part of the process, you'll learn more about the types of projects we get to work with, and EGGS' overall vision. And since it’s all about people, you will get to meet several of our designers as well!

Apply now

Sounds interesting?

Karen Crone

Have a chat with our Office Manager Denmark
Karen Crone
+45 608 44 309

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